Intriguing Volcanic Formations

Intriguing Volcanic formations

Intriguing Volcanic Formations

Intriguing Volcanic  Formations fill the white sand beaches of Green Island, Taiwan. Green Island is an volcanic island that raised itself from under the sea. It’s volcanic soil has produced rich lush mountains. What a magnificent Island! The beautiful beaches are even a product of the crushed volcanic rock. The magma under the island produce an awesome saltwater hot springs. It is one of only three in the world. Dotted along the beaches are many intriguing volcanic formations. Some have names that seem to fit. Others make you scratch your head. Many are still nameless. Maybe you will envision the perfect name. Welcome to Green Island, the home of intriguing volcanic formations and lasting indescribable beauty.

Famous Rock Formations

Many of the intriguing volcanic formations on Green Island have unusual names. It is these interesting names that have made the rock formations famous. Elephant’s Trunk Rock makes a picture frame for Nanliao Bay. The view seen through the arch formed by the elephant’s “trunk” is fantastic and breathtaking. Local residents call the formation “Sea Gate.” What a fantastic view!

During the martial law years, it was referred to as “Devils Gate.” It was the entrance for the famous prison on the island. The former Hill Hall has been developed into an exhibition hall for visitors with cultural enactments.

Peering out through the opening in the rock is a perfect view of General Rock. If you look closely you will see the General Sitting on the shore. Look down the shore a little and you will see Sleeping Beauty Rock and Pekingese Dog Rock. Sleeping Beauty is getting her rest in Haishengping Bay. The intriguing volcanic formations seem endless and the names that made them famous are unique.

More Green Island Attractions

Siao Changcheng or Little Great Wall is actually the sides of the volcanic crater that formed the area. It is a walk way up to a fantastic view point. There you can see all of Haishengping Bay. What a marvelous view! The beauty is unsurpassed! If you have no time for anything else, take time to walk the Siao Changcheng. It is amazing!

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