Japanese Barbie Weddings

barbie Bridal in Japan

Japanese Barbie Weddings

Japanese Barbie Weddings are sophisticated! They are beautiful! Mattel has launched the most exciting line of wedding dresses and accessories. Japanese Barbie Weddings are like stepping into the pages of your favorite princess. They are alive! Music is in the air! Every Barbie accessory is alive and well in Japan. Barbie’s may be dolls, but their wedding dresses are some of the most sought after by the brides of Japan. Japanese Barbie Weddings speak to the princess inside of each woman.

Japanese Barbie Weddings utilize a line of  Barbie dresses. They are a collection of some of the finest in the world. They come complete with ruffles and bows. Even the Barbie logo is embroidered on each dress. And where can you buy this exquisite line of wedding gowns?  They are available only in Japan! Search the world over and you will not find them. This is a completely new line. At this point, they are only to be found in Japan. Planning on getting married soon? Maybe a quick shopping trip to Tokyo is in line.

Japan has a love affair with themed weddings. This is a land where Shinto weddings are the number one preference by parents. Into this environment enters the world of Barbie. Another more normal wedding is the Western Style Wedding. Christian couples are married in the Church with all the finery and beauty of the long flowing White wedding gown.  Then there is Barbie’s biggest competitor, Hello Kitty.  Hello Kitty themed weddings are a reflection of Japan’s devotion to pop culture.  While Hello Kitty dresses are exquisitely beautiful, the new Barbie line will leave you breathless. Japanese Barbie Weddings will appeal to the Cinderella inside each of us.

No need to limit yourself to the white traditional wedding gown. Barbie wedding gowns vary from Pink and white to Black and gold. These dresses will take your breath away. They are amazing! There is absolutely nothing that compares to these Japanese Barbie Weddings. You will feel like a princess, even if only for a day. How could Cinderella have been any more beautiful?

The word Japanese conjures up images in every girls heart. A look of innocence and  beauty is desirable. Barbie wedding packages are everywhere in Japan and can cost several thousand dollars. Delight yourself in the land of fairy-tales. Pamper yourself! The Barbie wedding line has arrived in Japan!




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