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Jungle Retreat In The Philippines

The perfect view hidden away in the warm Philippine jungle
The perfect view hidden away in the warm Philippine jungle

Hidden Safely Away In The Warm Philippine Jungle

Jungle life in The Philippines is about as mysterious and remote as you want it to be. Some are a mere speck on the map, several days to get home. What can possibly be so intriguing and satisfying that you will take four planes and a ferry and still not have reached home? Living in the remote jungle in the Southern Philippines is about quality of life and relationships.  This is an existence that is not based on possessions, but rather, people. Here in the jungle, a persons true wealth is based on how they love each other. There is great pride on how they can care for their family. When your hidden away in the jungle, it is all about family and your neighbor.  Welcome to the jungles of The Southern Philippines.

This is  the real thing! There are no coroner stores to run to. Life takes planning  in the jungle. There are many edible plants and of course you can have a small jungle garden. The Philippines is tropical, so many fruits and vegetables are easy to grow year around.  Maybe your human neighbors are not close but there is plenty of life in the jungle. There are vines, where  monkeys squawk and hang by their tails. There are beautiful  squawking birds of every color. Some of the world’s favorite pet shop birds, actually live in the jungle. How awesome it is to watch them as they breed and care for their family. And not to be left out, are all the scurrying critters that live on the forest floor.

Life in the Rain-forests of The Philippines is rich and on the move. More than half of all the animals and plants in the world live in these tropical jungles.  This also means that it is easy to have a plant based diet of wild greens, nuts, and seeds. Add a few tropical fruit trees and a garden and you are well provided for.  So what is there to do in the jungle? There is time to invest in people! To know your neighbor and to genuinely care about him. That is a skill that the people of the rural Philippines have learned well. Many come back saying that they are some of the happiest people. That is because they may have little in possessions, but they have a mountain of love for each other.

If life in the city is getting to be a burden, maybe you should consider the jungle. Here you can have time for whatever you desire. If you are comfortable with yourself, then you can live anywhere. Many writers and painters seek out quiet sleepy places to live. There they have little interruptions unless they desire to take a walk and mingle with the village.  It is easy to be inspired in the midst of great beauty. But for the rest, maybe just a quick vacation to discover the Philippine jungle is all you need. Take an eco tour or go on a back packing trip in the Southern jungles of The Philippines. There is no better time to discover rural Philippines than today. Grab your passport and pack your bag. The Philippines has adventure waiting!






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