Kaisendon At The Tsukiji Fish Market In Toyko

Tsukiji Fish Market

Kaisendon At The Tsukiji Fish Market

Welcome to Tsukiji Fish Market. It is the home of Kaisendon. Kaisendon or Sushi abounds everywhere in the Tsukiji Fish Market. There are lots of Kaisendon cafes at the Fish Market. To locate the best Kaisendon cafe you will need to walk down to the restaurant area.  You will stroll by the area of the wholesale fruit and vegetable market. This is the largest fish market in the world. It is also the world’s busiest fish market. Be prepared to walk! Put on your walking shoes, and lets explore Tsukiji Fish Market. When you are too tired to go on, it will be time to find a small unique Kaisendon Cafe.

Kaisendon is the Japanese word for Sushi or Sashimi. To prepare a good Kaisendon, the cook will take some of the finest Sashimi and place it over some rice or a grated white radish. It is usually served with Miso soup in a separate bowl. Sashimi is a very thinly sliced raw salmon or tuna. Sashimi is usually served with a dipping sauce made of a pure high-grade Soy Sauce. Ginger and Wasabi are served on the side. Sushi, on the other hand, is usually served over rice and the fish is cooked. The dipping sauce and garnishes are usually served separately.

You will on occasion see the wasabi mixed into the Soy Sauce when eating Sashimi. This is rarely done when eating Sushi. One major reason why some like to mix the Wasabi with the soy sauce is to kill any harmful bacteria or parasites that could be in the raw fish. Purists say that it should not be mixed. They like to eat each garnish separately. Pickled Ginger is usually served with raw fish also for the same reason. Pickled Ginger is delicious. It does have a slight bite. Another popular garnish in Japan is Red Water Pepper Sprouts. This garnish is extremely good. However, they are served, be sure to eat plenty of the different garnishes with the Sashimi. It is the Japanese way of healthy eating.

If you are ready for a Sashimi-Sushi adventure, come on over to the Tsukiji Fish Market. No Japanese tour is complete without visiting the world’s largest fish market. No visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market is complete without stopping for Kaisendon.



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