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Keelung Taiwan…. The Rainy Port

A rainy night in Keelung Taiwan
A rainy night in Keelung Taiwan

Keelung…..It is raining

Keelung, also known as “The Rainy Port” is the second largest port city in Taiwan. When the cruise ships come in, most people grab their umbrella. Indeed, it is a city of frequent and heavy rain. But like all tropical locations, it is a warm rain and people do not get too worried. Grab your umbrella and let’s go sightseeing is the motto. In May the rain may fall, but it is in June that the official rainy season begins. It is in June that the real rain will return to Taiwan. The rainfall and the typhoons that will follow keep the island wet. In the Northern part of the island, there is a lot of added precipitation. Keelung is raining again! They have no water issues in Keelung. There is no drought!  The reservoirs are full! The gardens are happy. The rains have returned.

Out And About In Keelung

Sansia Old Street usually refers to a small area at the Southern end of Minquan Street.  Many of the buildings in this area date back to the earliest time of the Republic of China. You will see some of the most fascinating verandas. They are magnificent and well cared for.   The decorated archways are rich and beautiful. This area is well preserved. History and culture are everywhere. Whether you spend a few hours or a day, Keelung’s Old Street area will not be a disappointment.

Miaokou Night Market, Keelung Cities famous Food Market, is known island-wide. Here you will find a diversity of tasty snacks.  Located in the downtown area, Keelung’s Miaokou Night Market meanders through the streets and alleyways. This market is unique, as it winds through the downtown area. Miaokou Night Market, being close to the sea, is an excellent source of seafood. Fresh seafood abounds!  Its ideal location is a source of pride.   The market is easy to find for domestic and overseas travelers. Since many cruise ships visit this port, this is a major calling card. Here at the Miaokou Night Market, you may experience large crowds. This is a popular market for visitors and locals alike. The market is small compared to other night markets in Taiwan, but it has everything. There are many signs at the market which assist international travelers. These signs are in Chinese, Japanese, and English. This market is a must-see for all international Tourists.

Tzushr Temple is the center of religious life in Sansia Keelung.  Tzushr Temple gives special honor to Qingshui Tsu-Sze. Qingshui Tsu-Sze was a Song-Dynasty General. He is worshiped by the people of Anxi, Fujian to this day. They believe He has the power to protect their tea industry. The Temple has 126 hand-carved stone pillars and astonishingly beautiful decorative ceilings. There are traditional motifs everywhere. There are many illustrated historical stories. Also, you will find the largest collection of mythology on the island. Shan-hsia Tsu-Sze Temple Tour Guide is available in Chinese only for 200 NT.

Accommodations in Taipei, Taiwan

Keelung is small enough to see the sights on foot in just a day. If you want more, Taipei is just a short train trip away. In Taipei, you will find all the major hotels and restaurants that you would expect from Taiwan’s largest city. It is a city bustling with energy and is the center of all major activity in Taiwan. Whether you come for a few days or a couple weeks, there is much to see and do. Accommodations are first class and there are many major restaurants and buffets.

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