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Kenting National Park in Southern Taiwan

 Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park, high in the mountains, is at the most Southern tip of Taiwan.  Located on Hengchun Peninsula, Kenting National Park has very unique and changeable weather.  These strange and complicated weather patterns cause it to have abundant and rare plants and resources. Kenting National Park is an adventure in all things natural. Take time to hike the many trails. It is overflowing with resources.  Kenting National Park has a rich thick forest with over 1,200 varieties of both ornamental and endangered plants. There is a high coral limestone throughout the Ken Ting National Forest Recreation Area. The limestone is unique and beautiful! Kenting National Park is one part of the overall Ken Ting National Forest Recreation Area. What a magnificent area! The rare and endangered ornamental plants are amazing.

Entering through the memorial archway that you will find in Ken Ting National Forest Recreation Area, there is a fabulous forest trail. On this forest trail, you will see many old trees, including a 300-year-old giant Chinese Pistache tree.  There are many beautiful old growth trees. The Chinese Pistache Tree is magnificent. Though it is not the oldest tree you will see, it is rare and unique. What a beautiful trail! There are many sites within the park that are worth exploring. The aquatic plants in one area are extremely beautiful. The fragrance of blooms fills the air! Color is everywhere in Kenting National Park.

There is a very impressive stalagmites cave with-in the Kenting National Park itself. Take time to explore all the many leaves and roots in the area of the cave. What a magnificent cave. The Fairy cave is awesome in its own right. True to its name, it is like magic in the cave. The Silver Dragon Cave will keep you busy exploring all the different shapes and mysteries of Southern Taiwan’s caves. There are large and small dragon shapes in the cave. Discover the mysteries waiting for you in each of these very unique caves.

You will find amazing gorges. There are steep beautiful cliffs. The valleys are breathtaking. There is one right after the other. You will be in awe of all the beautiful valleys and gorges. The magnificent cliffs that line the edges of the coast are colorful and one of a kind.  This park is one of the greatest treasures of Southern Taiwan. If you are coming to the far South of Taiwan, make sure to leave time for a Kenting National Park Adventure.

The year-round tropical weather in Taiwan makes anytime the perfect time to visit this island nation. The climate is perfect. You will find some of the greatest resources. There are many tourist attractions in the South of Taiwan. Each part of the island has its own special attractions. They are spectacular! Though the South may have a little more than it’s share.  It is tourist heaven in Taiwan. Enjoy the perfect weather. Meet new friends. You will meet the friendliest people. You will discover a unique island. Nowhere is the wrong place to be in this island nation.

Today is the perfect day to book that Southern Taiwan Adventure. Discover Kenting National Park. It is one of the treasures of Taiwan.

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