KetchiKan Weather: Wild Storms

Storms over #Ketchikan, the rainiest area in southeast #Alaska

Ketchikan Weather: Wild Storms

Ketchikan weather,filled with wild storms, are a norm in Southeast Alaska. Ketchikan weather is a stormy event! They come out of no where and arrive with vengeance. They are as beautiful as they are powerful! They are unique among storms. Ketchikan and her fierce storms are often exclusive and one of a kind. They can cause you to research to see what happened. There is often no  precedent for them. If it is possible for this community to experience wild weather phenomena that has never been seen before. Many times this wild weather can make you scratch your head. What is happening? What is causing this effect? The questions become endless. But without a doubt, these storms are beautiful and magnificent. Ketchikan weather is unique! As the clouds loom above the Pacific Ocean, they are the perfect picture in the making. Nothing is more marvelous than an approaching storm in Alaska’s Gateway. Ketchikan weather can be unexplainable!

Ketchikan is the wettest place in Alaska. Ketchikan weather spells rain! A nice wet drizzly day is a normal day in this beach town. A perfect day to go clamming.  Clamming is a major event for this community. Here you will find some of the largest clams in the world. Clamming is the most successful on a wet and wild day. Clamming is a way of life, just like wild weather in Ketchikan. The two events compliment each other. Ketchikan weather is an Alaskan story in the making!

Ketchikan is filled with one of a kind weather stores. The towns most cherished weather event occurred in 1949. This was a year when more than 202.55 inches of rain was recorded. Now even in this community,  that is a lot of water! It rained that winter for 39 consecutive days. That was a Ketchikan weather event! But history almost repeated itself in 2002. That year, this rainy community got 192.95 inches of rain for the year. When will the 1949 record be topped? In Ketchikan, it could be any year. And naturally, with the rains came mudslides that devastated the area. But more than likely, the skies were a photo in the making. It filled the front page of the local paper daily. This was a Ketchikan weather event.

Do you think the wild weather stories are in the past? Think again, as this small coastal community made headlines again in 2014. The storm of 2014 was totally a unique experience for them. See the details in the links below. It was a rare Ketchikan weather event!

What do the locals think of all the rain and magnificent storms in Ketchikan? The local people say if you don’t like the rain, move to Florida. There you can enjoy the sun and the hurricanes that come with it. Another possibility is California. There you can also enjoy the smog. Ketchikan natives view their wild and wet storms with pride! If you are coming to Ketchikan, grab a rain coat. It is a land of the unexpected!


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