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Komodo Dragons Malaysia Today and Tomorrow

Komodo Dragons Malaysia

Komodo Dragons of Malaysia

Komodo Dragons of Malaysia are real and alive in 2014! When we think of dragons we think of legends, Chinese folklore, stories of the past, but this little one is alive and living on Tioman Island, Malaysia. So what exactly is the Komodo Dragon?

Komodo Dragons, also called Monitor Lizards, are found throughout Africa, Asia, New Guinea, Australia, and yes, even in the Everglades of Florida. These lizards are rare and are highly protected. There is a large number of Komodo Dragons on Tioman Island in the Malaysian State of Pahang. Komodo Dragons are the largest living lizard on earth. The ancestors of the Komodo Dragon go back over 100 million years.

Komodo Dragons were discovered during WWI when a plane crashed into the Komodo Sea. The pilot swam to Komodo Island and that is where they were first seen in modern times.

Komodo Dragons are the largest lizard known to be living on earth. They are often as much as 10 feet long and 155 pounds. They are known to run at speeds of up to 12 miles an hour. Komodo Dragons mainly eat fruit and other vegetation. They are excellent swimmers and move from island to island looking for food. It is rare to see them swimming out in the open sea, however. Who knows, maybe they were one of the first vegetarians!

Komodo Dragons can lay from 7-37 eggs at a time. The life span of the Komodo Dragon is thought to be around 50 years in the wild. The current population is thought to be around 5,700. Most Komodo Dragons live on the Komodo Islands in Indonesia. Even though they have no known predators, they are an endangered species. Their greatest threat are humans and the hunting of deer and water buffalo. Since the creation of the Komodo National Park, this giant lizard has been increasing in numbers slowly.

So on your next venture to Asia, take a look at the many dragon statues, listen to the stories, and remember, dragons are alive and well in 2014. So come on out to the Komodo Islands and see the only known dragon of our time. Read about his ancestors and you will never look at Chinese folklore the same again. Komodo Dragons are waiting to be a part of your next adventure. It is not too early to book your next Asian adventure.

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