Lanterns For Chinese New Years Festival

Lanterns  for Chinese New Year festival in Taiwan
Lanterns for Chinese New Year festival in Taiwan

Lanterns For Chinese New Years Festival

Lanterns for Chinese New Years are everywhere! With less than a month till New Years, Taiwan is in full gear, getting those Lanterns  hung. There are lots of beautiful lanterns with long  red tassels everywhere . New Years on the Gregorian Calender is fast approaching. In Taiwan, the preparations are in full swing. New Years will soon be here. It will soon be, the Year of the Goat!

Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year’s Eve,  to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. This 15 day celebration is the longest running festival in Taiwan. Excitement is in the air! Anticipation is high, as the decorations go up. A sea of red and gold greets you. There are beautiful bright lanterns, red plants and red flowers everywhere the eye can see. The countdown has begun and the year of the goat is nearing. Merchants prepare for this important festival and children wait in anticipation.

The color red in Chinese culture is extremely important, as  it represents vitality of life, happiness and prosperity. Gold, on the other hand, represents wealth and prosperity. It is impossible to get too much red or gold for this festival. Red and gold banners with messages of good luck for the coming year are everywhere. These beautiful bright banners hang in the homes, the schools, and the businesses as the entire island  heralds their wishes of good luck. You will see fireworks made of bright shiny paper hanging by the doors, in the parks, and all businesses. They represent the loud and happy sounds of  the season. Traditionally, firecrackers are lit in front of the homes and stores to scare away evil spirits.

What are you waiting for? Come join in the fun, as Taiwan welcomes, the year of the goat. Pack your bag and grab your passport. Make your reservations today. For other tourist suggestions, see our websites at:




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