Local Transportation and Traveling in Taiwan

Traveling in Taiwan is very easy, and convenient. It just requires some patience, and situation awareness. Locals knowing the language of Mandarin well don’t have any issues, but for westerners it can be challenging, and a little scary for the un-initiated. Today was a great example since I started at Hsinchu TRA station over by Costco, and took the TRA from there to the high speed rail station over across the bridge at the HSR Hsinchu station.

The trip being uneventful proceeded until I arrived at the Tayaun Train Station. From there I then took the bus for about 30NT to terminal 2 at the international airport the whole trip cost 140NT for the HSR train, 30 NT for the bus, and 20NT for the TRA trip. So total was under 200NT around 9 US dollars. So it can be economical if you take more time and take lower class of HSR tickets. The entire trip took about two hours in total, and once I arrived at the airport there was plenty of food to choose from. So dont stay away from Taiwan because you are concerned about the language, and any other fears that keep you from traveling in general.

I will update as time and internet allows on this trip so sit back, enjoy, and plan your own adventure somewhere in this exciting world.



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