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Loganberries: Todays Superfruit Part 2

Logan Berries
Dragon Fruit and Loganberries–Superfruits

Loganberries: Todays Superfruit Part 2

Loganberries, another Asian superfruit was totally new to me when arriving in Taiwan. When I first saw them I thought they were lychees, but they are a totally different, though a related, fruit. At the different buffets where we went, I was privileged to try Loganberries in several different ways. Even one place had them in a soup, which seemed a little strange, but was good. I had several different snacks and desserts that were delicious and my favorite was how they did them in a sweet and sour dish. That was delightful! One of my favorite things about Taiwan was all the fresh fruit. Logan Berries were just one of many. It seemed like fruit was used in everything and I loved it.

Loganberries are extremely good for you and have a long list of vitamins and minerals in them. They are used in Alternative Medicine for warding off the common cold, flu, gout, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. I have found them very helpful in warding off the symptoms of inflammation. Upon returning from Taiwan, I began to notice them in the market and began using them in different ways. Loganberries are just one of the many fruits I fell in love with while in Taiwan. The fruits of Taiwan are amazing!

Several tests in European countries are trying to document their role in the prevention and cure of skin, breast, colon, stomach, prostate, and lung cancer. Many believe them to be one of the fruits that slow down the aging process. They seem to be helpful for keeping the skin beautiful and radiant. They are packed with so many different vitamins and minerals. What is there not to delight in?

One interesting thing I have noticed is that  true Loganberries are not what is always in the Western Supermarket under that name. The loganberry reminds me more of a pale cherry with a black hard seed. Often the markets sell a different fruit that resembles blackberries under that name. In the USA, the best place to purchase true loganberries is in the Asian Markets. These are two different fruits. When traveling in Taiwan, make sure you try the different ways that they use loganberries. It is a superfruit from Asia that you will want to add to your  western diet.

For the gardeners out there, loganberries grow easily in the subtropical and tropical regions and is hardy to 28 degrees fahrenheit. They are easy to grow in Florida and Hawaii and other warm southern regions in the US. Check them out while in Taiwan and then come back and try your hand at adding them to your garden.  You might want to add both fruits that are called Loganberries. They are unique and different. You can get the Western Loganberry plants most anywhere. If you are looking for the true loganberry, try Hawaii, as they have nurseries that will ship to most places worldwide. The one I personally use is listed below.

Make this the year you discover the many fruits of Taiwan. Pack your bag and grab your passport. A whole new culinary adventure is waiting.