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Looking Forward To Chinese New Year And The Year Of The Dog

Looking Forward To Chinese New Year And The Year Of The Dog

 “Chinese New Year” New Decorations, New Clothes And Snacks.  

Asian shops are gearing up for the largest holiday of the year. Asian families are beginning to decorate throughout the world. Now less than 6 weeks away, there is many things to do and plans to make. Those that are traveling need to secure  their travel plans. All Asian families try to come home for New Years if possible. Those that plan to visit any of the Asian countries during this time, get your reservations made. Hotels will be filling fast, airlines will book fast, and costs will soar.

This holiday ranks with Christmas in the West. People are out looking for new clothes for the celebration, and the children have visions of their favorite treats.  During this time you will see Dragon Boat Races in some places, and parades filled with lanterns during the great Lantern Festival. China Towns all over the world will stop what they are doing and celebrate during this time. If there are no funds for Asia this year, check out your closest China Town for their dates and times.

Looking Forward To Chinese New Year And The Year Of The Dog2

Chinese New Year’s Eve Feast Is A “Must Do” Dinner

Chinese New Year’s Eve Feast is attended by the whole family. For most families, now is time to plan this years “Reunion Dinner.” Relatives that you haven’t seen since last year are coming. Every cook is busy planning, as this is the most important dinner of the year.  Special dishes with lucky meanings will be on the menu. At the top of the list are spring rolls, dumplings, and fish. Stores are well stocked early on so that every family can get what they need. Fish will, in most Asian countries, be a last minute buy. Only the freshest fish is good enough for this dinner.

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Plenty Of Candy For The Children Is A Necessity

Every child is dreaming about all the candies and red envelopes they may get. Excitement starts early, as the adults begin to prepare for this grand event.

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Small Towns And Large Cities Will be Decorated In The Color Red

Red, the color of fire, is the symbol of good luck, joy, and prosperity. Red is found throughout all holidays, but especially the New Year. A Red envelope is given to family and friends with money inside during this time. Throughout the up coming season every business and home is decked out in red, wishing all their customers, friends, family, and neighbors “Happy New Year.”

Looking Forward To Chinese New Year And The Year Of The Dog5

Hotels And Restaurants Shout Out “Happy New Year” With Their Lobbies Decked In Red

Are you ready to celebrate Chinese New Year? If you are the host, then the world knows how busy you will be these next few weeks. As for those of you that are traveling, be sure to make all your reservations and travel plans fast. It is already getting late.  Things fill up fast on Chinese New Year! For those who need to rent a room or hall in a restaurant, if you haven’t done it yet, you need to get your reservation in. Many people book things a year a head of time. This is a busy but happy time of year, as the Asian world prepares for Chinese New Year.



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