Making The List For Santa

Making the list

Making The List For Santa

The Chipmunks are busy this time of year. Their making the list for Santa. The list is made, and they are checking it twice. It has got to be right. The time is short. The children are ready. There is no margin for error. Everyone is busy in Santa’s Mail Room. They are making the list for Santa!

The countdown has started. All hands are on deck. Not only the Chipmunks are making the list. Hour after hour Santa listens to the children. He is ready! He is animated, and his helpers must be too.  Micky and Minnie have a float of their own. They each have an area, as the work must get done. Mrs. Claus has gotten tired, but there are no worries here. Donald and Daisy have just arrived. They will take up the slack.All hands are on deck. They are making the list for Santa.

There is a special magic at Disneyland, today and everyday. This is especially true,  at Christmas time, each year. It’s a time of laughter! It’s a time of fun. It’s a time of merriment. It’s a time of cheer. This time of year is Santa’s busiest time. His helpers are “making a list and checking it twice.” Are you on the list?  Have you shared your hopes with Santa?

The spirit of Christmas fills the air. This is a time where hopes are shared with the jolly old man in red. His helpers are busy, writing it all down. There are so many children. Children filled with so much hope. The children are anxious for the big day. Even Santa can hardly wait, to get on his way. The time is short. There is still work to do. And what are the chipmunks doing these days? They are making the list for Santa.

There still is time, so why not grab the kids, and head on out for Disneyland,California USA. This is a family adventure. It is fun for all. Discover the best of Southern California today. It is in your own backyard.



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