Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest

Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest
The Mangrove Swamps of Malaysia

Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest: The Mangrove Swamps

Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest awaits. Our kayaking journey is about to begin. So grab your paddle and head on out to the Kayak!

The Kilim River, with its thick maze of roots, is the most amazing water way in Malaysia. As you kayak along, you will see many smaller streams and nearly hidden coves. The jungle species that call these coves home are fascinating. If you quietly approach the coves, you can see the bizarre walking fish known as Mudskippers. If you watch quietly, you might see them climb onto land and walk. Some even climb the mangrove forest itself. These walking fish are an amazing site to behold!

Other amazing creatures in Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest are the bright colored Kingfisher. The White-throated Kingfisher is simply stunning. It has a long beak, which is useful when diving in the water to catch its dinner. You also may see huge sea Eagles that nest in the crags overhead. Feeding time can provide an hour of entertainment. It is the highlight of most tours to the Mangrove. These huge birds fly in circles and then swoop down for dinner. This is a scene you don’t want to miss.

Other wildlife in the coves and Mangrove are Herons, Fiddler Crabs, and those Komodo Dragons. The Komodo Dragon is the only dragon specie on earth. Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest is a bundle of surprises. You also will most likely pass one of the local fishing stations. It is here that the local fisherman gather to go out to sea. They also return here with their catch. What an experience to be on the dock as they unload all the fish from their boats.

Most of the local Tour guides stop by for a locally prepared lunch and a cool refreshing drink. Some tours include a trip to some near by caves. Cave exploration is a lot of fun. Most include a native village, or a private spot to go swimming at high tide. Other tours may include a trip to the National Museum. The traditional architecture of the building is striking and worth the visit. A side trip to Kenyir Lake or Tasik Kenyir is another possibility. This is Southeast Asia’s largest man-made lake. It is home to Malaysia’s largest rock

Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest is a form of rainforest that you will not see elsewhere. This Mangrove Forest is only found in coastal areas that are near the equator. No trip to Malaysia is complete without a tour of the Mangrove Forest. Now is the time to book your adventure to Malaysia, a land of surprises. So check out the web sites below and make your  travel plans today. See you at Malaysia’s Mangrove Forest!

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