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Manila Philippines: Pearl Of The Orient

 Manila Philippines
Manila Philippines

Manila Philippines: Pearl Of The Orient

Manila, Philippines is often called the Pearl of the Orient. Like the Oyster whose shell is difficult to break into, so is Manila. If you want to see the pearls of Manila, you will have to pry and dig. Manila has suffered much hardship and many natural disasters. The people have learned to fight as nature is often cruel. Out of the abundance of huge shantytowns, has come beautiful tall skyscrapers. Manila has a brand new world of air-conditioned Malls and high-tech buildings. The roads are full of traffic going nowhere. But Manila is alive and is one of the world’s megacities.

Tourists willing to put in a little effort will find the creative side of this mega city. Art galleries of every kind and music from around the world keep the pulse of this city bursting with life. It has Art markets, coffee shops, and endless small markets run by the people. Manila has it all and it is rightfully called the Pearl of The Orient. For out of this chaos comes life. Excitement is in the air. Adventure is everywhere! There are night markets,  morning markets, and street markets …..all waiting to be discovered in Manila Philippines.

Manila is located on Manila Bay in the South China Sea. The bay is fed by the beautiful Pasig River. Manila,  being the capital of The Philippines, is a modern mega city made up of six smaller cities and 12 towns. It is both historic and artistic. It is rich and poor. It is modern and archaic. It is Manila!

One extremely popular place is the walled area of Intramuros. Dating back to Spanish Colonial times, it is historic and ancient. It is living history! Here you will find dungeons and rooms to make gunpowder. But Intramuros has another side, it is artistic. Intramuros is loaded with art galleries and museums.  It is filled with quaint little shops, parks, and churches. Sidewalk cafes dot the landscape. The night-life is active and fun…..lasting till the rising of the sun. Intramuros is alive!

Manila Philippines is blessed with some of the most romantic hotels. Many of these are on the beach. Step outside and hit the beach. Now that is romance over the top. Manila has some of the nicest beaches in the Philippines.  They are just waiting to be discovered. They are waiting for you!

Kokoro Ramenya in Fisher Mall in Quezon City is a fancy Ramen Restaurant. It is one of the most popular Japanese Restaurants in Manila. Located on the bay, it has a  relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The restaurant appears spacious with good lighting. Most seem to think that the menu is slightly limited, but the food is excellent. Ramen and Sashimi seem to be house favorites. Most feel the service to be excellent.

Manila Philippines is not the biggest tourist area in the Philippines. It is however loaded with pearls for those who like to seek out the jewels of an area. Make this the visit where you look for pearls, in Manila Philippines. The hotels are modern and quality abounds. Restaurants are varied from awesome small local cafes to High-quality dinner houses. Whatever you are looking for, surely you will find it in Manila Philippines.

Here is our favorite restaurant in Manila.



Pearl Of The Orient