Mark Twain’s Riverboat Adventure At Disneyland In California

Mark Twain

                                                 Mark Twain’s Riverboat Adventure

Have you ever considered what life was like over a century ago? What did they do? Climb aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat in Disneyland, California and get a taste of yesterday. Cruise along the scenic Rivers of America aboard the beautiful Mark Twain and come face to face with life in the United States over a century ago. Experience living history as you cruise down the waters. Sometimes the water is calm and other places it picks up it’s pace. Explore yesterday in the United States like never before.

This is an unique half mile exploration into the world of yesterday. The Mark Twain vessel is built for adventure. It resembles a 19th Century riverboat with all the bells and whistles of the 19th Century. The Mark Twain is a working reproduction. It is just like the ones that carried passengers up and down the Mississippi, so many years ago. It has a working steam engine that powers the large paddle the moves the vessel. This authentic reproduction features outstanding wood craftsmanship. This historic vessel  is 105 feet long and has 4 beautiful wood decks. You’ll tour in style, on the Mark Twain.

You will relax and tour Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. During this unique 14 minute trip down the River of America be sure to keep your eyes wide open.  As you pass along the shore, watch for an old rustic cabin and a Native American Village. Enjoy busy beavers, skunks, raccoons, and even a moose having his lunch. You might also see mountain lions and osprey. There is no end to what you might see on the shoreline as you pass by. If the timing is right, you might also see the Disneyland Railroad as it cruises through the wilderness. Life is exciting, on the Mark Twain.

This outstanding reproduction is named after the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Mr. Clemens was an outstanding writer. His pen name is also a riverboat term. It means that a vessel is at a safe water depth. So when you are thinking of names, remember that there can be much in a name.

So the time has come to board the spectacular Mark Twain and cruise down the Rivers of America at Disneyland California USA. Are you ready? Hurry along now, before she sets sail. The time to board is now!

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