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The Miraculous Waters Of The Dead Sea

Dead Sea

So Salty That Nothing Can Live

The Dead Sea, a fascinating hypersaline lake, bringing health and healing to many. This land locked body of water is also known locally as the Salt Sea, where it’s shores are shared by Jordan, Israel, and The West Bank. It is one of the most unique places in the world.  The Dead Sea and the shores that surround her, are over 1,300 feet below sea level. It has the unique honor of being the lowest place on the face of the earth. If that weren’t unusual enough, it is also the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. This fascinating lake is over 1,200 feet deep.

The Miraculous Waters Of The Dead Sea - A man standing on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean - Dead Sea

Peace And Tranquility Envelope You

As you arrive at the lake, it seems like the perfect place to spend the day, swimming in the beautiful and healing water. But just try to stand up, and you will get the biggest surprise. It is impossible to walk or stand. Your body will immediately want to float. The good news is, you will not sink. The bad news….just try to get out.  Due to a natural buoyancy, anyone can easily float. Can’t swim? No problem, just lay back and relax. Let every muscle relax as you lay back, breathing in the fresh air. You are floating on the amazing Dead sea. Peace and tranquility will be your companions.

Are you one of these people who worry about critters in the lake? No need to worry, fish are totally unable to live in the harsh waters. Imagine water that is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean! Nothing lives in this harsh wonderland other than certain bacteria’s and microbial fungi. It is so salty that you can actually see different shapes of solid salt that have formed over the years. These salt shapes and figures are interesting to look at. Use your imagination and you can even see animals of salt and other shapes in these amazing waters.

The Miraculous Waters Of The Dead Sea - Dead Sea

 “Miracle minerals of Life” in the salty Dead Sea.

The shores surrounding the Dead Sea are home to many health resorts. The mineral content of the water is extremely high. It is refreshing to the skin. People with skin ailments flock to these resorts to heal their dry flaky skin. There is healing in the water.  There is health in the air. Due to the limited number of flowers that grow in the salty sand, the pollen count is quite low. The atmosphere surrounding the lake is also very low in allergens. There is very little pollen to blow around on a windy day. Even though very few things grow in this salty environment. There are beautiful flowers that call the area home.

The Miraculous Waters Of The Dead Sea - A close up of a flower - Body of water

 Flowering Flamboyant Trees Live In The Desert Near The Dead Sea

There may not be many flowers near the Dead Sea, but these rare flowers of the desert are beautiful. Better known as the Flame Tree, these gorgeous  flowers beckon you to tarry in the area. The desert is indeed blooming near the Dead Sea.

An Oasis In The Desert

Looking for a healthy retreat, or a place to relax? The Dead Sea can be your oasis in the desert.  In the fresh desert air, you will rest and relaxation. In the mineral rich waters you will find healing. Leave your worries at home, pack your bag, and grab your passport. It is time for a desert experience at the Dead Sea.

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