Mission Church In The Mountains Of West-Central New Mexico

 The 19th Century Mission Church Of San Isidro 

The Mission Church of San Isidro was built beginning in the year of 1629, with the church you see today remodeled and extended in 1931. There was a convent built about one block North of the Mission. This was the beginning stages of the Convent Of San Buenaventura.  By 1672 it was abandoned and by 1678 all four of the Missions were no longer in use.  This Missions became a National Monument in 1906. At this time the mission buildings were cleared of debris and stabilized, as they had began to sink. Most of the initial work was done in 1923, but latter additional work was done, completing what you see today.

The Mission Church Of San Isidro was one of the earliest of the mission churches. This quaint little building attests to the early Spanish growth in New Mexico. There was a walled cemetery attached to the building on the eastern side.  The Mission Church of San Isidro was the focus of treasure hunters during the 1900’s. The treasure shaft was closed before the 1940’s. A major stabilization program was done in 1951 and additional work is done about every 5 years. This is indeed one of the treasures of West-Central New Mexico.




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