Modern Toilet Restaurant In Taiwan

Toilet Restaurant
The Modern Toilet Restaurant!
Taipei, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant Is Busy

Modern Toilet Restaurant is a landmark in Taipei, Taiwan! You sit and eat in squat toilets, sit toilets, and urinals. It seems to some to be a weird concept, but they are always busy. The food is said to be tasty enough, but you guessed it, it looks like…… Welcome to the world’s first Toilet Restaurant, where things are done differently. Maybe you can just close your eyes and eat.  What you don’t consider, might not hurt you. What do you think? Can you do it?

The Modern Toilet Restaurant is an Taipei attraction! It is good to experience once, but be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. It is a very busy place. Certainly it is great for taking pictures to take home. To say it is a conversation piece is mild. The restaurant is unbeatable for the novelty factor. Where else could you go and sit on a toilet to eat? Where else would they serve food in a toilet bowl? Some call it weird! Some call it unique! Everyone says it is a once in a life-time experience. It is a Taipei experience!

Some discover the Modern Toilet Restaurant by accident, others go looking for this amazing conversation piece.  It does have an unusual theme, one that sparks your curiosity. They are known to have a good beef hotpot, but some of the things to cook in the hotpot look like ……! I am sure you guessed it!  The Modern Toilet Restaurant is like nothing else you have ever seen. The decor is out of this world. When visiting The Modern Toilet Restaurant do not forget your camera. Going to the restroom? Take your camera and be ready for more laughter and surprises. It is a bundle of laughs and will make your day.  If you have children, be prepared! They go crazy! Laughter is in the air at The Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan.

The website is in Chinese with an option for English. There you can get complete directions, both in Chinese and English. You are also able to make reservations and check out the menu. While in Taipei, Taiwan, do not miss The Modern Toilet Restaurant. It is fascinating! It is a Taiwan adventure! It is The Modern Toilet Restaurant.

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