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Persimmon Farms of Hsinchu Taiwan

Persimmon Farms of Hsinchu Taiwan
With all of the excitement we have had traveling around Taiwan sometimes we miss what is in front of us. Thankfully we received an email from a colleague that gave us a heads up about the Persimmon harvest, and preparation here in Hsinchu county.

The trip there was very UN-eventful, and started just outside of Jubei Taiwan. From there just outside of town nestled in the hills of the countryside. When we arrived one of the first things we saw was persimmon’s drying outside in the sun in front of the old building within the farm compound. Locals are most the tourists here, and it was very interesting that the farm employees really enjoyed, and encouraged photographs from the beginning. Very seldom in western culture do you see this kind of symbiotic behavior; farms in the USA are mostly off limits and very private.


Persimmon’s drying in the sun!

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The atmosphere was remarkable for it openness, and interaction with the local staff. One older women would stop and pose every time she rotated persimmon’s drying in racks out in the sun. She would then go to the front of a large stack of these drying racks to take photographs the local tourists. This cycle would repeat about every hour, and every employee would rotate around within the public offering drinks, ice cream, and local persimmon goods for sale.



Persimmon’s drying in large racks #HsinChu County. View on Instagram

Grounds around the farm were also open for everyone to wonder within the trees, flowers, and other local vegetation. One other important item noted was that other small vendors before, after and during our walk was mixed in along the way. This allowed us to buy persimmon’s fresh, and peeled along the way. Since this was a working farm, animals were also wondering around on the outside the the orchards.

All in all this was a great short trip and highly recommended to anyone who is in the area living, working or just passing through.

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