Philippine Mountain People

Philippine Mountain People
Deep In The Jungle Of The Philippines

Philippine Mountain People In The Jungle

Philippine Mountain People of today make up almost half of the population of The Philippines. This is especially true in the beautiful Leyte Province. This population lives in the deep mountain jungle, on small isolated islands, and on the beautiful plains. In the deep mountain jungles you will find houses made of whatever people can find to construct a home with. One thing you will always notice, is that cleanliness and order are more important than how the house is made. Even the poorest inhabitant of a jungle home will have the outside neatly manicured. The same goes for the small farms in other areas of the island. You will see a home put together with whatever they have and the most awesome orchard or rice paddy. Even the poorest of the poor are neat and clean. Their homes and landscapes has a planned order.

A small island will have many homes on very small lots in the jungle. A small country home will have one main room, sparse furniture, and mats for sleeping at night. They will have a separate room for the kitchen with a wood stove. This is not a culture that must buy everything they see to be happy. Philippine Mountain People are happy people who live with only the basics and necessities.

Philippine Mountain People living in larger communities may have electricity and indoor plumbing. Most of those living in the deep jungles or on small islands do not have either. Philippine Mountain People living in areas that do not have indoor plumbing, must go to a community well to draw water. They burn kerosene lanterns at night for light.

For those who enjoy trekking into the mountain jungles, the Leyte Mountain Trail will provide a four-day adventure into the heart of the jungles of Leyte. For more information on this trail and others, check out the website below. You will also find links for other fun activities and hiking opportunities in The Philippines.









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