Philippine Water Buffalo At Work And Play

Philippine Water Buffalo
Philippine Water Buffalo

Philippine Water Buffalo– Carabao

Philippine Water Buffalo or Carabao, are the backbone of the farmer. They work hard in the rice fields and delight the children when the work is done. By day, they trudge through the swampy rice fields, or carry product to market. They help the surveyor in his labors, and the merchant carry his load. He is the most important animal on the farm, rather large or small. Philippine Water Buffalo carry their weight in gold. They are precious! They are indispensable! They are the backbone of the farm.

Philippine Water Buffalo or Carabao are swamp animals! They are the national animal of the Philippines. They are a work horse! They are the farmers biggest asset. They go where no car can travel. They trudge where no one can walk. Even after hours of hard work, they still have time for the children! They are the children’s delight! They are the families transportation! What is there not to like about the Philippine Water Buffalo?

Philippine Water Buffalo are perfect for the hot humid weather found in the Philippines. They are content with a water hole with lots of cooling mud. Like a pig, they wallow in the mud. This precious mud also helps to protect them from bothersome insects. Mud is awesome! Mud is precious!

Philippine Water Buffalo thrive on the water plants found in the Philippines. In times of high water, they are willing to graze under the water.  They love to eat the swamp reeds, bulrush, water hyacinth, and marsh grasses. They will eat any vegetation that grows in the swamp. They are heavy suppliers of milk and are used for meat. They are much cheaper to mature than the average cow. The Philippine Water Buffalo has learned the secrets of survival in the Philippines. During the heat of the day, he takes his siesta in the cool mud. He also prefers to eat in the cooler parts of the day. Domesticated Philippine Water Buffalo live close to 20 years and the females deliver one calf per calendar year.

The next time you see a Philippine Water Buffalo, remember all he does for the family that cares for him. He is a wholesome part of the family! He is valuable! He is needed without measure! So come on over to The Philippines and see this wondrous animal at work. For tourist information, see our websites:





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