A Photo Tour Of A Few Amazing Flowers Around The World

The Passion Flower

The Passion Flower a symbol of the passion of the Lord Jesus Christ and the cross where the Messiah spent his last hours. Many cultures hold that the 10 petals at the bottom are a symbol of 10 of his faithful disciples. The beautiful spindles in the center are said to stand for the crown of thorns which He wore. The middle five petels are said to symbolize the five wounds that the Messiah received. The lowest 3 petals are said to symbolize the three nails that nailed Him to the cross.

There are more than 400 varieties of the Passion Flower and it grows best in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. In the World of Alternative Medicine, it is known for promoting sleep and calmness.

The Sarcodes

The sarcodes is a very rare wildflower which grows in the Sequoia National Park in Northern California, and in mountainous areas of California, like Lake Tahoe. It is also known as the Snow Plant.

Daffodils And Tulips

Dutch flowers bring visions of springtime in Holland. Everywhere you look in this tiny nation are acres of Tulips and Daffodils. This is trruely a land of flowers.

Hong Kong’s Orchid Tree

The Bauhinia, or Orchid Tree is one of the many flowers of Hong Kong.

Pink Flamingo Flowers

 Graceful Pink Flamingo flowers love the sun in Southern California.

A San Diego Beauty That Grows Everywhere

The Sun Flower

The Sun Flower growes throughout the world and it’s seeds are widely eaten. The seeds are also compressed for the quality oil they give.

Lotus Flower Of Good Luck In Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Throughout Asia, these beautiful flowers are a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

The Wild Foxglove Flowers

 Wild Foxglove Flowers lace the green forest coast of the Pacific North West in the USA.

To all those who like to take photos of the flowers, now is always a good time. Spring, Summer, and Fall are major times of abundance, but even winter has it’s flowers. When you look out the window and see Winter snow on the ground, remember, it is Summer somewhere. So grab your back pack, passport, and camera…..it is time to go looking for a few more of the beautiful flowers of the world.




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