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Portuguese Explorers During The Age Of Discoveries In Lisbon Portugal


The Explorers Are Looking To The Tagus River In Lisbon

Portugal’s many explorers during this time are the heroes and patrons of this tiny land, like Vasco Da Gama, Magellan, Dias, and Prince Henry The Navigator, just to name a few. This is the monument that honors all these and several others. These explorers faced the dangers of the sea head on without fear.  There were many great explorers who  sailed under the Portuguese flag.  During the 1400’s and 1500’s this tiny sea faring nation conquered the sea to become a leading global power and grew quite rich in so doing.

Prince Henry was a man that was educated, intelligent, and knowledgeable. He surrounded himself with those who had the skills and knowledge needed at that time.  Prince Henry financed expeditions for gain, to push  back borders, and to take Christianity to the world.  When he died, in the 1500’s, he had pushed back borders in Northern Africa and became quite rich while doing so. His main goal had always been  to spread Christianity to the unknown parts of the world.

In the year of 1488, Bartolomeu Dias sailed  around the Cape of Good Hope at the Southern tip of Africa.  He also located several new islands which he claimed for Portugal. This was unknown territory at that time. Vasco da Gama built his knowledge base on the findings and knowledge of Bartolomeu Dias sailing farther on to find India. In the 1500’s Pedro Cabral sailed even further and found Brazil.  This pattern has continued throughout the years, with each sailor and explorer building on the knowledge and successes of the one before. Their maps were the best in the known world at the time and were guarded with care. The maps made in Portugal became state secrets that could not be revealed, though there were many spies that tried. This technique of building on the explorer that had lived and sailed before, made Portugal both rich and a major power to be reckoned with, spreading Christianity as they went. Latter, after finding the island of Japan, they began bringing Chinese silk to the Japanese and sold it. This accounted for much of the  amassing of great amount of silver.  Over the centuries, Portugal became the first global sea power in the world.

All these explorers and many more are remembered and honored with this monument in Lisbon that overlooks the Targus River. The monument was built in 1940 for the World Exhibition. It highlights all the achievements made during the Age of Discoveries. It also celebrates the making of the Portuguese empire.

The Monument to the Discoveries was built to show the world what had been done by this tiny seafaring nation and to give honor to their heroes. It was designed for the 1940 World Exhibition. It celebrated the many achievements of great explorers that lived during this time in history. It also honored the creation of Portugal’s vast global empire. While in Lisbon, it is a must to make contact with this amazing monument, which represents the heart and soul of Portuguese people.


Another View Of The Monument


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