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Pristine Beaches in Taitung Taiwan

Pristine Volcanic Sand Beach in Taitung Taiwan

Pristine Beaches Of Taitung

Pristine beaches and gorgeous mountains make the East Coast of Taiwan amazing.  The area around Taitung is sparsely populated making it a tourist’s delight. No crowds to wade through. No loud parties. The East Coast of Taiwan is just untouched beauty. The water varies between a deep blue to bright turquoise. It is a clean beach waiting to be enjoyed. The fine volcanic sand feels awesome between your toes. These pristine beaches are the finest in Taiwan. Take off your flip-flops and let the sand oozing through your toes. Welcome to Taiwan’s East Coast…..a world of pristine beaches.

Incredible Dulan Beach

Just to the North of Taitung is the Ami village of Dulan. Dulan is known for its incredible beach. This can be an awesome surfing location. Some of the most fantastic waves on the island are seen here. Often the only person you see is a lone surfer riding the waves. Dulan is yet another of the pristine beaches on the East Coast. Taitung County is known for its cultural events put on by the Amis Tribe. Tour the fabulous museums, explore the arts and crafts of the region, and relax on one of the pristine beaches surrounding Taitung. Enjoy the peace and tranquility. Leave your phone in the room. Make this a day to enjoy all that Taitung County has to offer.

Disconnect From The World

The East Coast of Taiwan is the perfect place to rent a bicycle and explore the pristine beaches. Travel from beach to beach and then head into the gorgeous mountains. If you enjoy cycling, take time to explore a world that seems untouched by modern life. This is perhaps some of the last accessible and untouched mountain beauty this world has to offer. As far as your eye  can see are pristine beaches and magnificent mountains. Disconnect from the busy world and immerse yourself in astounding beauty. If you are looking for reasonable and clean accommodations outside the city, check out Sea Art Hostel in Dulan. This is an incredible Bed and Breakfast where you will remain in your private world. Here you will feel like you have left the 21st century for another time. It feels absolutely disconnected from civilization. In actuality, you are quite near Dulan. The owners are friendly and well-liked and the prices are reasonable.

Getting To Taitung

Taiwan is perhaps one of the easiest places  to get around. Transportation is awesome and there are many options. If coming from the North, you might want to take the High Speed Rail. You will travel through many scenic areas. The pristine beaches are magnificent. The gorges and mountains are out of this world. Connections can be made to travel into Taitung. There are inexpensive buses and you can also take a plane from larger cities. If coming from a nearby island, there are water taxis or ferries. Private taxis can also be rented.  Taiwan’s transportation system makes sight-seeing easy. Once you arrive in Taitung, consider renting a scooter. It is a great way to explore Taitung and the many pristine beaches of the area.

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