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Queens Head Rock at Yehliu Taiwan

Queen's Head Rock

Queens Head Rock at Yehliu Taiwan

Queens Head Rock is an amazing natural wonder in Yehliu, Taiwan. Queens Head Rock was naturally sculptured by nature.  What a fabulous job nature does! Yehliu Geopark is a major attraction in Northern Taiwan. People come from all over the world to see Queens Head and the others. There are many geological formations that stretch along the beach and out into the cape. One of these is the Queen of the cape! She is Queens Head  (女王頭)! It goes without saying, the Queen is here.

Yehliu Geopark is located near the town of Wanli, Taiwan. Wanli is about half-way between Taipei and Keelung. The Geopark is considered rural, but it is worth any effort you invest in getting there. It is home to many natural and unique geological formations. No sculptor does work any better than the wind and the rain! Yeldiu Geopark is the place to explore if you like to see the rare and unique wonders of Taiwan!

Yehliu Geopark is a world-famous geological wonder. There are many named rocks in the park, but Queens Head is the most famous. These intriguing and unique rock formations are composed of sandstone and shale.  Over time, they have been sculpted by nature’s hand. The pounding of the wind and water has created this impressive gallery of magnificent rock formations. So who is the hero in this story? It is the cutting edge of the wind and the water! Their work is magnificent!

If you are looking for adventure, you will find it in Yehliu Geopark. The park is over a mile long and there are many famous rock formations. Some are on the sand, and others jet out into the water. You can spend hours discovering all the different unique forms. No two are alike! As they are battered by the wind and rain, they are constantly changing. If you look closely, you will see their personalities. Among the other geological treasures are the Sea Candles            (燭台石), These rocks look like candles in the sea. What an amazing sight they are! Are they lighting the way to Queens Head? After all, she is the Queen!

Have you ever seen an elephant in Taiwan? No, probably not, as this is an island nation. Take a walk and you will discover Elephant Rock! Maybe not the real thing, but the resemblance is certainly there. What an adventure!

Every Queen needs a court. Be sure to check out Princess’ Head. She is another outstanding sculpture! She is beautiful as she waits for her Queen. She stands so poised and beautiful! She is another one of natures beautiful rock formations. Can any sculptor do any better than the wind and the rain?

As you are making your Taiwan travel plans, be sure to discover Northern Taiwan. Northern Taiwan is completely different from the other parts of the island. The rocky shoreline is magnificent! Adventure is everywhere! Here in the North,  you will find Yehliu Geopark and Queens Head. One look at her and you will know….. why she is the Queen!

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