Raohe Night Market In Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Raohe Night Market
Taipei Raohe Night Market

 Raohe Night Market In Taipei, Taiwan

Raohe Night Market is a tourists delight. There you will see booth after booth of Taiwan specialities. Some of the best of the market specialties are oyster vermicelli, duck meat, spare ribs stewed in herbal soup, pepper meat buns, and stinky tofu. Taiwan is famous for its stinky tofu. Be sure to try a little bit and hold your breath. It stinks! It is different! It is fantastic!It is fun to skip dinner and just eat your way through the market. There are hundreds of snacks to tempt you and if you hesitate, you will get a free sample. My recommendation is not to linger too long or you may have to sample something you have decided to pass on. You do not want to be rude!

The Raohe Night Market has booths for just about everything. There are lots of general merchandise, clothing, and fun tourist delights. The best part though, is all those delightful snacks. The prices are low and affordable. In addition to the snakes mentioned above, don’t miss out on the Pepper Pastry Cake and the Steamed Buns. The Steamed Buns are awesome. Another favorite is the Beef Noodle Soup. It is one of the National dishes of Taiwan and is delicious. Generally you will find Japanese Tempura also. For less than the cost of a sit down meal, you will have tried way too many delicacies and be stuffed.

The Raohe Night Market is something you do not want to miss. The market is a street market at Raohe St. and Sec. 4.  It opens  at 5:00 pm and closes at midnight.  Buses 605, 203, 205, 311, 276, 306, 63, and 204 all serve the area. You can also take the MRT and get off at the Songsan Station. So while in Taipei, enjoy the Raohe Night Market for a night of fun.

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