Rice fields surrounding Taitung Taiwan

Emerald green rice fields

Rice Fields In The Mountains Of Taitung

Rice fields flourish in the mountains surrounding Taitung. They are a lush emerald-green! What miles and miles of beauty!The rich volcanic soil provides the perfect organic matter. Miles and miles of quiet rice fields thrive between the mountains and the ocean . The rice fields of the East Coast are magnificent. Here on the East Coast are quiet and beautiful farms with bike trails in abundance. Riding through the rice fields and orchards is a fabulous experience. Enjoy the tranquility. Relish the beauty! There are many spectacular scenic vistas and mountain views. What a fabulous way to spend the day! Take a ride in the countryside!

The Old Sugar Factory

The largest cycle-way in Taitung begins in the city. It passes cafes and coffee shops, Before leaving the city you come upon an old antique sugar factory. The factory is no longer in use.  It is now a hub for artists! What talent there is at the Old Sugar Factory. Among the artists are many indigenous craftsman. These amazing Aborigine  craftsman create and display their native art work.  You will find the  galleries and workshops a delight in this cultural village. After leaving Taitung you find yourselves in the quiet rice fields and orchards of rural Taiwan. What a peaceful and quiet journey!

Aesthetic Taitung

Taitung is a city that is a mix of Aboriginal , Hakka, and Hoklo populations. It is a living cultural and historic haven. There are many areas of the city filled with Japanese houses in various states of repair and disrepair. There are many winding alleyways filled with older single story Chinese style homes. These homes often appear rustic and rural in appearance. There are rustic neighborhoods that are largely Aboriginal. The Aboriginal Peoples have their own celebrations and uniqueness. Taitung is a blend of the old and the new! All this uniqueness is surrounded by miles and miles of peaceful rice fields. Intermingled among the rice fields are the many small orchards. This is the Taiwan that you only see in the mountains. This is Taitung . Relish your days in Taitung. Enjoy Taiwan without the busyness of the city. Immerse yourself in yesterday. Embrace  today!



Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge



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