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The Rugged Unspoiled Coastline Of Big Sur

Big Sur

The rugged unspoiled coastline of Big Sur

The rugged unspoiled coastline of Big Sur’s beaches in California. All the way from Carmel River State Park in the South to San Dollar day-use beach in the North, you will find amazing Big Sur beaches.

On the South end of Big Sur is Andrew Molera State Park. While underdeveloped, it is the perfect place to enjoy the vast array of hiking trails. You will find trails leading through meadows and others they go along the beach. There is also one of the nicest walk-in camping grounds in the Big Sur.

Across from Andrew Molera State Park is the Point Sur State Marine Reserve and Marine Conservation Area. Along the Big Sur, you will find an abundance of abalone and fish, as well as large stocks of mussels. Along the sheltered shores of the Big Sur, you will find Sea Otters, Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals who all take shelter there. It was near Point Sur in the 1930s that the Sea Otters were “rediscovered.” Here at Point Sur, they find the protection from the marine elements that they seek. Beautiful Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, and even an occasional  Blue Whale Migrate through these peaceful waters and swim past Point Sur each year. Whale watching during the annual migration can be an exciting adventure. Gray Whale migration is from December till May. The Humpback Whales and Blue Whales can be seen during the summer migration. It is the perfect opportunity to learn more about these magnificent creatures.

Point Sur State Marine Reserve begins at Cooper Point to the South and goes all the way North to Point Sur. Within this current marine reserve was the original seasonal home of the Ohlone, Esselen, and Salinan Tribes. These nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers found rich reserves within the Big Sur. During the proper season, they found a rich supply of marine life to support their families, including a vast abundance of mussels.

Point Sur lighthouse is another special treat found within Big Sur. Point Sur lighthouse is a turn-of-the-century light station that was manned until 1974. In 1974 is became completely automated. It stands on top of a very large volcanic rock which is located just offshore. This light station is a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public for limited tours. This is the only lighthouse in the State of California that is open to the public.  Access is limited to preserve its quality and remoteness.  For more information on tours check out the website at

If you are looking for a pleasant and beautiful vacation, look no farther than the Central California Big Sur Beaches. These Pacific beaches are beautiful and serene, providing the perfect getaway from the rat race. Whether you need a quiet remote cabin or a base camp for hiking adventures, you will find it in Big Sur, California. Pack a bag, and gather the family, it is time for you to head on out, to Big Sur.

Beautiful Misty Evening On The Big Sur Beach In California

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