Sailfin Crested Lizard

The Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard
The Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard

 Sailfin Crested Lizard Of The Philippines

Saifin Crested Lizard is found in the Philippine rain forests. There are three different species of the Sailfin Crested Lizard. One specie of the Sailfin is found only in Indonesia, while another lives in both Indonesia and the Philippines. The Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard only lives in the Philippine rainforest. These three lizards are very similar and can be difficult for the armature to identify. The Sailfin Crested Lizard does not usually bite. This lizard can grow to about 3 1/2 feet long.

The  Sailfin Crested Lizard is one of the most colorful lizards on earth. They often sport colors of blue, orange, green, black, and yellow. The male lizard has a beautiful distinctive crest or sailfin on its tail. The female crest is smaller and not as colorful. This crest is held in place by several very small bones. The males also have bolder colors than the females. As a male gets older he shows a deeper violet color.

Another distention of this amazing lizard is their third eye on their back. They do not actually see out of this eye, but they can sense movement. The Sailfin Crested Lizard loves to swim and is an excellent swimmer. He has flattened toes that enable him to actually run across the water. He eats the natural vegetation of the rainforest, small insects, and small animals. He can usually be found near the river banks in the rainforest.

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