San Francisco International Airport

Traveling to the next flight on the moving walkway at San Francisco Airport

    San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport is often called the Gateway to the Pacific. It is a major hub for those traveling to and arriving  from Asia. The San Francisco International Airport is among the top 30 busiest airports in the world. Millions pass through here yearly.  It was the first airport in the USA to have a fully automated baggage system. With this system, bags are easy to track! Destinations in Asia account for over half of the domestic travelers coming through this busy airport. Translation is provided. It is completely updated and modern. It is handicapped accessible. With it’s moving walkway, it is considered to be extremely senior friendly. Traveler Assistance is available. Service animals are welcome in the airport, terminals, and AirTrain. There are several animal relief areas located just outside. Passengers traveling with service animals will be directed to the one in the terminal they are using.  This is one of the easiest airports to use in the nation. What ever you need, it is here.  It is clean! It is modern! It is user-friendly! Welcome to San Francisco International Airport!

                      The Shopping District

San Francisco International Airport is a mega shopping center. You will find many chain stores as well as  many small and unique gift shops. There are 92 shops represented at the airport. Do you have a long layover? No problem, The San Francisco International airport shops are there to serve you. Some are unique! Others have your traveling needs in mind.  Explore such exciting stores as The City by The Bay! Here you will find apparel, souvenirs, postcards, gift items, and snacks. International travelers will find Burberry in the international terminal. Burberry has duty-free luxury apparel,and  handbags. Discover duty-free shopping! Experience the difference.  There is also men’s and women’s accessories. Those are just a couple of the 92 stores with-in the airport. The shopping is fantastic! The selection is good! It is fast! The service is excellent. There is also a complete selection of restaurants available. There are 66 dinning options with-in the airport. You will find everything from Asian delicacies to Mexican specialities. There are no long waits! The food is good! The service is excellent. There is an amazing Museum in the pre-secure area of the International terminal. Here you can see the history of flight! Learn what the first terminal looked like. See the difference between then and now. It is alive! It is exciting! There are areas for children. Here they can run, play, and explore. The areas for business men and women are complete with wifi.  And for those who need exercise,  that too is available. There are places to relax! Read a good book! Take a short nap! The choices are endless. You need not be bored,  at the San Francisco International Airport.

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