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Seashore Park: Taitung Taiwan

Seashore Park                                 Seashore Park

Seashore Park is a first-class destination famous for its delightful beaches.  Forests and rivers are near by. It is a perfect place to stroll among nature. The ocean beaches are dazzling to gaze at. During the daytime, you can sit on the shores and enjoy the breeze from the sea. Appreciate the view of the Pacific from the shoreline.The area is filled with bike lanes near the beach. These are quite pleasant. The lanes go up and down as they twist and turn. What a beautiful workout. What relaxation! What amazing views! Seashore Park is romantic and a couples dream. Walk slowly through the park. Breath in deeply the fresh air. Let the fresh air and ocean breezes revive your tired and overworked mind. Dialogue directly with the wind and the waves. In the evening watch the moon as it lights up Taitung. Full moons cause the water to sparkle and dance. Enjoy a leisurely day and a relaxing night at Seashore Park.

            Paposogan Bamboo Walkway

One of the highlights of a day spent at Seashore Park is the Paposogan Bamboo Walkway. Spend some time and just observe this special cane roof. As you look at this amazing structure, you will begin to see its uniqueness. It is a marvelous work of art. Couples like to just walk through this walkway at night. With the tiny lights amidst the bamboo, it is extremely romantic. What an amazing place to stroll hand in hand! Truly, this is lovers paradise!

                      Taitung Forest Park

Adjacent to Seashore Park is Taitung Forest Park.  Forest Park is a secluded haven in which to commune with nature. The mild and pleasant breezes move the air through the canopy of trees. Local residents call the park, “Black Forest,” because of the dark and beautiful Beefwood Trees. In the midst of the park lies a serene and peaceful lake. Pipa Lake is fed by a rushing stream. The sound of music is in the air! Be still, and maybe you will hear the sound of the pipes. Magnificent Pipa Lake is home to many aquatic animals and flora. There is a viewing platform from which to admire the lake. Visitors are free to enjoy a small day use cabin nearby and a boardwalk where you can stroll the shores of this fabulous lake. Enjoy the bike routes. Take a swim in Pipa Lake. Walk the boardwalk along the shore. Life is amazing in Taitung Forest Park.

                             The People

The people of Eastern Taiwan are friendly and simple. The Hakka live in harmony with the indigenous people of Taiwan. The Min Nan and the Mainland Chinese also live in the area. These major groups all live in peace and enjoy the many celebrations that each group has. Like a beautiful backyard is Eastern Taiwan. The population lives and works in perfect harmony, much like a fine tuned piano. Take time to enjoy Taiwan’s Eastern Coasts. Explore its mountains and shorelines. Spend the day at Seashore Park. Meet some of the friendliest people on earth. Immerse yourself in the life and history of Taiwan. It is a Taiwanese adventure waiting to happen!

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Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan

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