Shopping For Treasure in Joppa

Shopping for Treasure

Shopping For Treasure In Joppa

Shopping, an inspirational event, is incredible in Joppa. How can you not love to shop, especially  Sheinkin street? Everywhere you look are vintage delights, antiques, and colorful garments. There are small unique stalls side by side with bakeries and small fruit markets. The aroma of fresh baked bread makes sure you grab a loaf on the way home. There are many stalls of special bakeries, with the most fantastic smells drifting through the air. How can you pass on these fantastic cakes? Sellers roam the area making sure you get samples. The samples are designed to make sure you take one home.  After all, they know you can not eat just one bite!

Eventually you will wander across a juice, tea, or coffee cafe. Have a nice cup of Israeli coffee or tea. Spend some time, and get rested. Sheinkin Street Market will keep you busy for hours. It is easy to get worn out!  Next, you might want to discover the entrance to Carmel Market. This is the largest market in Tel Aviv and a very lively market place at that. It sprawls all over Carmel Street and some of the side streets. Shopping the Carmel Market is an adventure. So come on, and lets shop till we drop.

Another fun activity at the market is people watching. Here locals stroll around the colorful stalls buying fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. Visitors and locals love the flowers, pastries, souvenirs, t-shirts, and the Dead Sea Spa
Products. Be sure to try the  dried fruits. The dates are amazing. You might enjoy a small glass of  fresh pomegranate juice. It is a real thirst quencher!  Carmel Market is  a place where you can observe the daily routine of locals. The shouting vendors add to its unique atmosphere, Why be in a hurry?  Shopping is fun in Joppa!

Now that you have the trip all planed. You just need to set the day. Today is the day to line up your next Joppa shopping adventure. Come on over to Israel, and lets shop!



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