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Southern California Coast USA

Southern California Coast USA

Ocean and Sagebrush along the Southern California Coast USA

Southern California Coast USA

Southern California Coast is one of the most unique and beautiful coastal drives you will ever take. Drive down the Southern California coast and discover some of the most fabulous beaches around. Take time to visit the best beaches that  Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego have to offer. The drive is pleasant and the adventure is endless. Here you will see some  of the beaches that have made Southern California famous. Beaches like Laguna, Coronado, El Matador, and others are waiting to delight you. So come along with me as we visit some of the famous and unique beaches of Southern California.

Laguna Beach with it’s calm and clean water is a magnet for the tourist and locals alike. The water is generally warm and the sand is snowy white. It is a fantastic white sand beach, perfect for volleyball and other beach games. Or you can just pull up a chair and bask in the sun. This is a fabulous beach in Orange County, just waiting to be explored by you. Kick off your flip flops and walk the beach. Adventure is waiting in Laguna Beach.

Beautiful Coronado Beach has attracted beach goers of all types. The beach in front of the famous Hotel Del Coronado stretches for a mile and a half along the famous Ocean Boulevard. This Southern California beach welcomes surfers, boogie boarders, swimmers, sand sculptors, and those who like to wander the tide pools. During the winter, Whale watchers take to the beach as these giant beauties make their yearly migration through these waters. The North Beach is famous for it’s waves. In the morning you will see surfers taking to the water. At the very North is Dog Beach, here leashless canines enjoy the beach and play in the surf. Coronado Beach is part of the Greater San Diego area and convenient for all.

El Matador Beach lacks all the hustle and bustle of the cities. Escape from Los Angeles and head to the beach.  It is one of Malibu’s best kept secrets. This is the place to go if you want to just do nothing, but enjoy the beach. Check the tide schedule and come have a family picnic on the beach. Stay to watch some of the finest sunsets anywhere. Order out dinner and eat on a blanket at the shore. El Matador is full of coves and nooks to delight any beach bum. It must be one of the most romantic beaches in the world, especially at sunset. So if it is a quiet beach you desire, this is the one. Make today the day you walk the beach at El Matador.

Another Southern California treat is Newport Beach. Many come here in their yachts and take advantage of the fantastic and ritzy harbor. There are small cottages near the beach that are worth millions. Maybe it takes real money to rent or own the beach cottages, or to dock your yacht, but the beach is free. This is a magnificent beach with a wide bed of silky and blond sand. It extends from Balboa Pier to Newport Pier and plays host to many diehard surfers. Those who are contented to sunbath, and families who like to play in the sand love Newport Beach. For those trendy shoppers, there is a very ritzy shopping district near by. Come sit on the pier and watch the awesome sunsets as the sun goes down. These are some of the most fabulous sunsets and painters love to capture them on canvas. They are a photographers delight! Come enjoy some of the best of what Southern California has to offer.

La Jolla Cove is perhaps the smallest beach, but it is photographed and painted with delight. It has a very small crescent shaped beach that is tucked between awesome towering sandstone cliffs. The sandy beach may be small, but the view is big. It has many rocks that  makes the beach beautiful to watch. It is fantastic to see the waves come in and the spray fly as it hits the rocky shore. It is a favorite beach in Southern California for divers and snorkelers. The visibility here can be 30 feet and the water is so clear. It is also part of the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve. This is one of the most fantastic Southern California Beaches.

This is just seven of the reasons to visit the many beaches of Southern California. They vary greatly from one to the other and there are an endless supply of magical beaches waiting to delight you and your family. Make this the year that you discover the many beaches that call Southern California home.