The Spectacular Architectural Beauty Of Brussels Belgium

 Statues Adorn The Facade Of The 15th Century Hotel de Ville In Belgium 

Unlike other European styles we have looked at, here we see a beautiful building in the architectural Gothic design. Unlike others, this is a very elaborate design, with many statues,spirals, and ornamental windows. There is also one statue up high of Saint Michael holding a flag. Saint Michael is the patron saint of Brussels.

 Elegant 14th Century Buildings In The Grand City Square In Brussels, Belgium

Buildings facing the Grand City Square In Brussels, like other centuries of buildings, are done in a very elaborate Gothic style. Notice that this one uses more decorative paint, has many statues, and of course some spirals, though not as tall as the Hotel de Ville, also In Brussels,Belgium. These buildings, which were built in the 15th century, makes for a very ornate square. The Grand Square is the central square of Brussels.  Brussels Town Hall surrounds most of the square with other buildings from the 14th to 17th centuries.

If you are able to extend your Architectural adventure beyond The Kingdom Of The Netherlands and Germany, then Belgium is a perfect next stop. The buildings are vastly different, and have been preserved well over the centuries. The Gothic style of the 14th-17th centuries in Brussels is completely different than the two previous countries, making it a logical next stop in your European adventure.

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