Stanley Hong Kong: An Amazing Town

Stanley waterfront
Stanley waterfront in Hong KongStanley Hong Kong-It's Amazing Waterfront

Stanley Hong Kong--It's Amazing Market And Waterfront

Stanley, Hong Kong is a major tourist town on the peninsula of Hong Kong. Stanley includes the town and adjoining suburbs. Stanley is a busy area and is known for many different tourist attractions. There is fun and excitement in Stanley!  

Pat Kan Uk is a small housing area in Stanley that the government built after the war. After the Japanese war, land was recovered and 8 row houses built. These homes were then used as relocation homes for local residents.

The Stanley Market is a busy and fun market that is located on Stanley New Street. It is close to the food market and convenient. It is a favorite shopping spot for tourists and locals alike. There are many small shops and fun street stalls at the market. You can find almost anything at Stanley Market. What a fun place to shop! It is exciting at Stanley Market!

Like all Asian cities, a temple is located just past the amphitheatre in Stanley Plaza. Tin Hau Temple was built-in 1767 and the architecture of the building is amazing. It was built by Cheung Po Tsai.  It is one of the oldest occupied temples in Hong Kong. The temple is a place of worship dedicated to the goddess of the sea. The word, Tin Hau, means Queen of Heaven. Tin Hau Temple also has shrines to 20 other deities within the temple. One of the must see exhibits at the Temple is the tiger skin. A tiger roamed the area in 1942 and was shot by an Indian policeman. The skin was given to the Temple, where it is still on display today.


There are many things to do in Stanley and the beach is awesome. Stanley has two famous beaches, one on each side of the peninsular. The beaches are netted to protect beach goers from deadly shark attacks. Stanley beaches are also a favorite spot for wind surfing. Each year in June, Stanley Beach is host to the Dragon Boat Races. Tuen Ng Festival is an exciting and an awesome time to visit Hong Kong. The dragon boat races are fun! They are exciting! They are Hong Kong at its best!

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