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Tacloban City Philippines Part II “The Rebuilding”

People building around the ships at the new Yolanda Village.

As most of our readers know Tacloban was hit by the largest Typhoon to have ever to be recorded,and The Rebuilding of Tacloban City Philippines will take time. The damage was significant and widespread with numerous buildings destroyed by the very large and surprising storm surge. As with most large disasters people need time to grieve and to become adjusted to the new norm. Tacloban, and the surrounding towns is no different; but the life and the heart of the city is now showing signs of re-birth. While driving around you can now see a return to everyday life. Buildings downtown are opening for business, and one can now even get an espresso in the one and only coffee cafe available. Chicken restaurant chains have opened every location that was repairable, and the Robinson’s mall is operating. Now this does not mean that these businesses are operating at full steam and capacity, but they are open for business.

Peddle Cab

The driving force of this city has always been small business, and strong signals of a rebound are under way. The building sector, and transportation are in full recovery mode with road side stands popping everywhere. Small grocery stores are opening as well, and banks are open and opening accounts. I suspect that an economic boom is under way since there was nowhere to go but up. Local Filipino businesses should reconise what is happening soon, and a recovery with real financial backbone should rise to the surface. With death and large destruction so wide spread; the emotional impact upon ones psychological health needs to be fully understood. My family and I where glad we could help bring some additional joy, and the understanding that hope is real, and tangimable within the reach of everyone involved. As time marches on we expect the city to continue it’s economic rebound until it reaches the maximum one would expect in this region of the world.

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