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Taiwanese Aboriginal Art

Taiwanese Art

The Beauty Of Taiwanese Aboriginal Art

Taiwanese Aboriginal Art is beautiful. It is unique. It is natural. It is like a breath of fresh air. Whether it is a painting, a tablecloth, a candle, or a weaving, nature is the main focus for many tribes. Taiwanese Aboriginal Art focuses on sharing the things that they see in their life. Fisherman may carve fantastic canoes. Weavers paint a story as they weave. The flowers of the garden star in their paintings. Trees of the Jungle are often depicted on their beautiful candle holders. Animals and reptiles can be seen in their paintings. They use all the colors found in nature. Their work is carefully done. It is true to life. Much of the Taiwanese Aboriginal Art depicts their daily life. Fisherman showcase fishing villages and boats. Farmers paint pastoral scenes. You will find boats, animals, trees, and lakes. Anything found in nature is likely to be on the next candle. What a simple and beautiful lifestyle. The Taiwanese Aboriginal Art showcases all the beauty of the natural world around them.

Most of the Taiwanese Aboriginal Art is full of creativity. You will see wood, stone, bamboo and bone Carvings. Hand embroidery is often seen in their clothes. It is beautiful. The designs are intricate. It is useful. Taiwanese Aboriginal Art in all it’s forms centers around things in the home that are of use. Beautiful woven tablecloths grace the tables. Woven rugs add color and interest to their simple homes. Beads of wood, stone, bamboo, and bone are fashioned into jewelry. Even tattoos and weaving are all practical and artistic. This is especially true of the Amis and other similar tribes.

Taiwan has many different Aboriginal tribes. The way each one has used art varies. The Amis use lots of color in all they do. Some groups use a lot of colorful embroidery on their clothes and table items. Other groups, like the Paiwan, presented these types of art to the nobles as gifts. Only nobles were allowed to have many of these things in their homes. Only the nobles among the Paiwan were able to have wood and stone carvings in their houses. Only  Paiwan nobles were able to have tattoos or body ornaments. The lower social groups did not wear luxury clothes with embroidery or wear any special dress on the head. It was only the nobles who have ancient pottery or lazurite beads.

Today Taiwan has a free-market economy. This new way of doing business as made many changes among the Taiwanese Aboriginal tribes. The nobles no longer have large amounts of leisure time to devote to a lifestyle of decoration.  On the other side, neither do the commoners feel the restriction to having beautiful pieces of art in their homes. They no longer are limited in how they may decorate their homes or even their personality. Taiwan has changed a lot in recent years and most of Taiwanese Aboriginal Art is used in their homes.

Another major change to the Taiwanese Aboriginal lifestyle has been the advent of Tourism. Now they have galleries to display their beautiful art. They have museums that depict those things in the past; and cultural centers that share many of the native techniques and skills with the visitors who come. Taiwan has many gift shops throughout the island. Here you can buy some of the magnificent Taiwanese Aboriginal Art and Music.

On your next Taiwan adventure, be sure to explore the mountain regions. In the mountains, you will find many of the native aboriginal people. You will see how they live today and yesterday. Visit the many gift shops. Take a piece of Taiwan home with you. Explore the culture. Taste their foods. Make this the year you embark on a Taiwanese Adventure.

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Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan

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