Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup

Taiwanese Aboriginal chicken soup, can you name the ingredients?
Taiwanese Aboriginal chicken soup, can you name the ingredients?

Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup

Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup is a gift from the mountains and the sea. Taiwan’s indigenous people live the motto:  “live off the mountains and the seas.” It is a simple life, a carefree lifestyle, one where the people are hunters and gatherers. The mountains provide their primary food needs, of wild edible plants. These are gathered from the wild, fresh, and full of every good thing. The hunters bring back mountain boar, wild dear, wild turkeys and wild chickens. The families may even keep a few domestic chickens.  The fisherman throw out their nets and return with the many species of fish and shrimp that grace the indigenous table. Indigenous cooking retains the flavor of the food source in every way possible.

So what are the main ingredients in Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup ? There are as many versions of Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup, as there are people who make it. Some add bamboo, some add chicken feet, and they all add many different wild mountain greens. There could be a duck head thrown in for good measure. Some say that a well cooked duck head with the beak is the best food around and maybe even the feet. You may see some dumplings, or even some fresh noodles. One thing is for sure, there will be a whole lot of herbs in Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup. Don’t be surprised if you see a few chicken feet in the soup! Chicken feet are a delicacy.

There really is no recipe for Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup, only a concept! It has everything but the kitchen sink. On your next trip to Taiwan, try the many different styles of Chicken Soup. Each group of people will have their own favorite recipe. But don’t let the trip slip by, without trying Taiwanese Aboriginal chicken Soup, it is truly a culinary delight. Each indigenous group will have their own recipe, so when traveling through the mountains, try several different local cuisines. When it is all said and done, come back and tell us, what is in Taiwanese Aboriginal Chicken Soup.



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