Taiwanese Cats And Their Amazing World

Taiwanese Cats

Taiwanese Cats Got It Good

Taiwanese Cats Have it made! They live in a country that considers them part of daily life. They have fewer places that they are not welcome. You often see them at the market just lounging the day away. No need to work! Someone is always giving a little chicken here and a little beef there. Taiwanese cats have it made!

Life as a Market Cat can be heaven, especially if your human friend is a butcher. Can you imagine  life as the butchers cat? First you need to know that dogs and cats are not eaten in Taiwan. That is a big relief! After all, some places consider cats dinner. So as the butcher’s cat you would just sit back and wait for the scrapes that get trimmed away.  Now that is sure pleasure! Taiwanese cats know how to enjoy life!

Then there are the stalls that sell the daily catch. The fisherman work hard all night. Then each morning the fish is sold at the market. As a fisherman’s family cat, life would be paradise. Just think, fresh fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is something that you would never get tired of. Taiwanese cats love the fish of the day!

Then there are the stalls that sell the Taiwanese snacks. They always have beef, pork, chicken, and fish snacks. The day is perfect here too. The children often drop their meat off of the  stick. The parents forbid them to eat the meat that has fallen on the floor. That is the perfect opportunity for the family cat to scoop up the prize. We are better than vacuum cleaners. We clean our plates well. Taiwanese cats love Taiwanese snacks!

Then there are those that make and sell the soups and hot pots. They also need a cat to keep the floor clean of food. What a delightful job! Just sit back and relax. When needed, you pounce on the snack. When people leave their soup unfinished, Taiwanese cats  clean the bowl. What a delightful job!

Like most places, Taiwan has many kind mothers who feed those who have no home. They always care for the homeless at the market. So whoever your market mother might be, life is good at the market. So settle back and take a short rest. It will be time to eat later.


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