Taking Your Adventures To A New Level

In this podcast we discuss how powerful of a travel blogger or podcaster can be when they when they combine bitcoin, and networking into their travel operations. How this can finance their operations, and how bitcoin can be used to pay for your travel needs.
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About the author

JOHN J GENTRY'S BIO: John J Gentry is a lifelong adventure travel enthusiast and international manager, Philanthropist, and ex-solder. Spent 2011-2015 developing an international team in HsinChu, Taiwan. Early on he spent the better part of the 90’s working with the US Army in Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. For kicks, he studied in Alaska 2008-2010 international history for a greater understanding in his adventure travels. He has had some great experiences, and successes traveling around the world documenting his travels with his family via ExploreTraveler.com

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