Tea is Life In Taiwan

Tea Is Life

Tea Is Life

Tea is life! The day begins and ends with tea.  Tea  is an intricate part of the culture of Taiwan. Most families  grow and produce tea  on the island. Sipping tea is a way of life. In fact, tea is life! It is an art! In order for business to be accomplished, there must be tea. The typical Taiwanese family owns at least one set of tea-ware at home. How can a day start, without tea?  Many people collect teapots as a hobby. Tea pot collections abound!  Most families in Taiwan have at least one vintage  Yixing clay teapot at home. These are the classic vintage  tea pots, hand made with Zhu Ni clay. This clay is no longer available in its pure form. All true Yixing clay teapots are vintage.

Tea Service

What is needed to brew a good cup of Taiwanese Tea? Here are the 10 essentials of brewing a good cup of tea.

1. The first is a good quality teapot or gaiwan. Perhaps the brewing pot is the most important.

2. A hot water pot or electric hot water kettle is another essential.

3. A nice brewing tray or porcelain plate will catch any spills.

4. A dark colored tea towel serves to keep it warm in the pot.

5. A wooden tea spoon to measure the tea leaves.

6. A set of tea cups for serving.

7. Timer for timing the seeping step.

8. Tea leaf holder with scale to weigh out the tea leaves.

9. Tea basin or bowl for the used tea leaves.

10. A tasting cup, to see when the tea is done to perfection. After all, tea is life.

The Perfect Blend

Taiwan is famous for it’s many tea blends. Some are exciting and bold. Other blends have a more delicate flavor. Wenshan Bau Jong’s Oolong tea is a well loved favorite. Another favorite Oolong, is the High Mountain Oolong Tea. Oolong is probably the favorite of all the many blends. The Taiwanese love Oolong tea.  Sun-Moon Lake Black tea is one of the best black teas. Those liking a bolder taste prefer the black teas. Black tea is good to start the day. Sanxia Dragon Well Green Tea is always in great demand. Green tea has a stronger flavor than Oolong but is not as bold as black tea. These are just a few of the many well loved varieties. There is a variety for every hour of the day. Tea is a necessity.  Tea is life, in Taiwan.




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