The All American Slider

The All American Slider

The All American Slider

The all American slider, can it get any better? They are unique! They are delicious! They are American! What is a slider? Where did it come from? Amazingly, the all American Slider came out of Wichita, Kansas.  These mini burgers were the brain child of Walter A. Anderson and his partner, Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram. Out of their restaurant, The White Castle, came the all American Slider.

The year was 1921 and Americans were afraid to eat ground beef. This came after Upton Sinclair exposed the lack of sanitation in the meat packing industry. He publicized these poor sanitation practices in his movie, “The Jungle.” Walter Anderson set out on a mission to change the public perception. It was then that the all American Slider was born. Today, these little burgers are everywhere! You will find them in the high end restaurants! They are the super stars of the menu in the humble burger houses. The all American Slider is here to stay. They are, an American icon!

Fast forward to the year 2015 and the all American Slider is still an icon! It is the center of the menu. It is a super star! You can not go far, without seeing the American Slider. It has become an American sensation! It is a marketing success story. It has even become a stand-by in most American homes. It is the center star of many Bar-B-Ques. It has found its way to into the International scene. People the world over seek out these fantastic mini burgers. They come in many varieties. What started out simple is now complex. Welcome to America, the home of the all American Slider. They are made plain! They are adorned with cheese. Add some onions and peppers and a tomato or two. A little lettuce sets them apart. If it is class your looking for, then add a little bacon. They have even left the realm of the simple hamburger. Now they can have thin slices of beef or pork. You can even get a Salmon Slider.

The world of the all American Slider is here to stay. So the next time you are on the move, look for the all American Slider at a restaurant near you!

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