The Cat is A Thief

The Cat Is A Thief

The Cat is A Thief

The Cat is a Thief and he has come to the right place. In Taiwan the food is fresh and there is always lots of fresh chicken, beef, pork, or fish. What an opportunity for the right moment. It only takes a moment! Just turn your back a little! The Cat is a Thief! He if fast! He is cunning! He knows where to go. The people have left! The coast is clear! He can smell dinner! The Cat is a Thief!

You Made My Favorite Chicken

His favorite chicken is left on the plate! How can he resist? His table manners are good! He will clean his plate well! The trick, is to not get caught! He is a professional in his trade. The cat is a  Thief.

The World’s First Cat Cafe

Believe it or not, the world’s first Cat Cafe was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Maybe not every restaurant will welcome this thief, but at the Cat Cafe he is the center of attraction. Here he can practice his trade in peace. He is loved! He helps the people relax! No need to work hard! He is well fed! A piece of chicken here and some fish there. If you have never visited a Cat cafe, please do. There are several cat cafes in Taipei. Each cafe has their own  cats in residence.  If you love cats, you will love the Cat Cafes. They are clean! The cats roam free! The Taiwanese seem to have a special  fascination with their cats. They love to study and gaze at the cats from time to time. Since the 1990’s, Cat Cafes have been on the rise in Taiwan. Here at the Cat Cafes, the cat is a Thief, with no need of a job!

Houtong Cat Village

Even more exciting is the Houtong Cat Village. The village of Houtong is about an hour north of Taipei City by train. When you arrive by train, the first thing you see is the sculpture of a cat head with small, round, and bright eyes. Welcome to Houtong Cat Village! There are approximately 100 stray cats that freely roam the village.
In 2008 Houtong was a sorry village left behind when the mining industry in the area died. The locals organized teams of volunteers to clean up the village and over time Houtong Cat Village was born. Now the village is filled with bloggers, reporters, and photographers.  They come in droves to see the cats! What an unique village! The perfect answer to making a way, when there is no way.  The cat is a  thief… in luxury!

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