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The Temple Mount In Jerusalem

The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount In Jerusalem History

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem – is that walled-in area in the Southeastern part of the Ancient City of Jerusalem. It is an area considered Holy by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It was here that Solomon built the Temple of the Highest God. It was described as being on Mount Moriah. It was the place that was provided by his father, King David. We find that described us in Biblical History:

“Then Solomon began to build the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. It was on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite, the place provided by David, his father.”
2 Chronicles 3:1

The Jerusalem Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is surrounded by four walls. The lower part of the walls dates all the way back to the time of the Second Temple. The Eastern Wall and part of the Southern Wall form part of the walls that are surrounding the Ancient City of Jerusalem today. The lower half of these two walls was built under the ground, completely surrounding Mount Moriah. The Temple with its walls was built in the First Century BCE. This was the site where both the First and Second Temples were built. The Western Wall continues to be a major place of prayer and worship for Jewish believers. The Temple Mount is the Holiest site in Judaism.


This is also the site that is recognized as the place where Abraham offered up his only son, Isaac.  We can find that clearly spelled out for us in Genesis: Chapter 22: 1-18. The Holy Rock inside the Dome of The Rock is believed by the Jews and Christians to be the very place where this took place. It is a Holy site!  It is the location of the First and Second Temples.

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The Jerusalem Temple Mount

The Dome of the Rock is a major architectural wonder. It is an amazing experience to be on the roof of a nearby building and has close eye contact with the Dome. The architecture of this Shrine is magnificent. The Temple Mount is the third holiest site for Muslims. They believe it is the place where Mohammed took his last journey, the Night Journey to The Throne of God.

The Temple Mount and the rock which the Dome of the Rock protects is a major pilgrimage site for Christians. They also watch with deep interest as it appears that a Third Temple is to be built. For the Christian believer, this fulfills the prophecies of the end of days.

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The Jerusalem Temple Mount

If you have made the decision to journey to this small country in the Middle East, Jerusalem stands at the center of all else. Many come as pilgrims, some historians or archaeologists, and others come as tourists. However you come, Jerusalem is a major place to visit. The Temple Mount stands tall above all!  For those who love history, it is steeped in history. It is here that we see the beginning of three major faiths. It is almost impossible to walk in the steps of so many great men and women of God and leave the same. It is in Jerusalem that you will see and feel all the stories of the Bible come alive. It is here that Jesus walked with his followers. This is a sacred site, Holy to Christians, Jews, and Muslims. No adventure to Israel is complete without a journey to The Temple Mount in Jerusalem.