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The Thrill Of Hiking Tiger Mountain In The High Mountains Of Taiwan

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                                                 The Misty Mountains Of Taipei

Like all coastal communities and islands, there is a fine mist that fills the early morning air. Even in the high mountains of Taipei, you are never far from the sea. So rise, and put on your walking shoes. It is time to hike the high misty mountains.

Today, one of the mountains that are known as The Four Beasts Mountains is calling our name. These mountains are named for the beasts they resemble and are just east of the city of Taipei, Taiwan. Individually these mountains are called Tiger Mountain (虎山), Lion Mountain [獅山], Elephant Mountain [象山],  and Panther Mountain [豹山]. Together, we call them the Four Beasts Mountains. Here you will find easy hiking trails and magnificent views of the city of Taipei. There are signs in both English and Chinese along the way. You will find them well maintained and mostly paved. How many ways can you see Taipei 101? If you rise early for your morning hike, you will see the sun rise over the city. And yes, you will see the city through the early morning mist.

                                                           Tiger Mountain (虎山)

For those with little hiking experience, Tiger Mountain  (虎山) is a fun choice. Tiger Mountain Trail is a short hike. It is fun and safe for all ages. Tiger Mountain is also good for those that are short on time. It is one of the shortest hikes with amazing views of the city below. You are able to drive right up to the trailhead. The hike to the top takes only about 30 minutes. There are numerous viewing platforms as you go. At these platforms, you will get many photo opportunities of the city below. Only in the high city mountains, will you find such views!

The first viewing platform on Tiger Mountain takes only about five minutes from the start of the trailhead.  The views are fabulous! The next viewpoint is about 10 more minutes up the trail. On this segment of the trail, however, you will need to maneuver a sturdy and but safe staircase. It is homemade and looks scary, but it is easy walking and safe. The views are marvelous! The hike is enjoyable.

If you are wanting to get photos of Taipei as the sun rises, be sure to take a flashlight for before dawn navigation. This mountain is not lighted like some of the others. As you come back down the mountain, be sure to stop in for some Bubble Tea. It is the perfect end to a fantastic hike.

Bubble Tea

                                                 One Of Many Bubble Tea Shops

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan and is a very unique beverage. It is not the national drink of Taiwan, but you can often wonder why it is not. There is a bubble tea shop on every corner, it seems. Bubble tea is like coffee is to Americans. You just got to have it!  It is a unique taste, but extremely good. It is only proper to end your magnificent early morning hike with a cup of fresh Bubble Tea.

Now that you have had your early morning hike and a fresh cup of Bubble Tea, it is time for a hearty Taiwanese breakfast. So relax and enjoy the day, as it will just get better.  Take time to explore the many sights of City the of Taipei, Taiwan. Have a pleasant day!

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