THSR: Taiwan High Speed Rail


“Exploring Taiwan In First Class”

THSR: Exploring Taiwan In First Class

THSR is Taiwan’s High Speed Rail! It is first class service, clean, and amazingly fast. Explore Taiwan in comfort, as you move from station to station in a timely fashion. Tea and cakes are  served and if you are still hungry, you can buy a small lunch. This truly is first class service and with a smile. The servers are friendly and professional.

Currently the THSR is running up and down the West Coast of Taiwan. It is serving about 214 miles of communities with this outstanding service. The sheer number of locals using the service daily  says that the service is well appreciated and liked. It is amazing that THSR runs from  Taipei to Zuoying in just 96 minutes. This high-speed rail runs at speeds up to 186 miles an hour. For tourists, this is certainly the best way to see the island in confront.


This amazing high-speed rail currently serves about 90% of the communities in Taiwan. Other communities not on the line, can access through the many community free shuttle busses, conventional rail service, and the metros that have been built to assist with connections. There is no place in Taiwan that can not connect to this amazing service for longer trips. The biggest recommendation for this service is the sheer number of local families that use the service daily.


While in Taiwan in 2015, the THSR will be extremely helpful in your quest to see the island. Take the high-speed rail and then get off and go into the different communities of the mountains. This will be one of your biggest time savers, as well as allow you to see more in less time. Enjoy seeing Taiwan by high-speed rail in 2015.





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