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Travel back in time And Discover Petra

Journey back in time to Petra

Travel back in time And Discover Petra

Travel back in time! Discover the Ancient City of Petra. Immerse yourself in the journey! Become part of an ancient time. Petra was a hidden city. It was hidden among the cliffs and the rocks. By the fourth century BC, it was the capital of the Nabataean people. These ancient people controlled the main trade routes to and from Arabia.  These trade routes took them from oasis to oasis in the desert. Their skills are astonishing! Their  architecture is impressive. Their art is phenomenal Their journey astounding!

Latter in history they allied themselves with the Romans. Then in a mysterious minute, they became a lost civilization. Petra would stay hidden for many centuries. Then this mysterious city re-appeared. The year was 1812! The lost city of Petra had been found. Travel with us, as we discover this ancient civilization.

Petra was re-discovered by a Swiss explorer,Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. After studying Arabic, Islamic law, and the Koran, he passed himself off as a Muslim and set out on a journey. He traveled through the desert to find the lost city. What he found was unbelievable! Petra is magnificent! It is not something built by untrained nomads! It is the work of skilled laborers. Travel the ancient paths! Cross the deserts! Climb the cliffs! Travel back in time. Discover the mysteries of Petra.

Johann Burckhardt had heard stories from local people about this magnificent ruins. He set out to sacrifice a goat to the Prophet Aaron, the brother of Moses. It was in a narrow mountain valley that he first saw signs of ancient life. It was well off the road. He traveled through a colorful and amazing desert. When he neared the tomb of Aaron, the brother of Moses he made a goat sacrifice. It was nearby the tomb of Aaron,  that he got his first glimpse of the ancient city.

Travel among the caves and you will discover some of the beautiful  Hellenistic paintings created by the Nabataean artists. They are the only paintings of this time period that have survived. They are intricate and exciting! They feature the plants and animals of this time. The quality of these magnificent paintings are unbelievable. These were painted by skilled artists during the First Century,  and possibly even before. These paintings show exceptional sophistication. Their use of color is fantastic. Travel to Little Petra, and you will find them on display in the dinning hall.

Petra, which is Greek for “rock,” was carved out of the beautiful red sandstone rock cliffs. This Hellenistic architecture is mind-blowing. The many rooms are incredible!  They sparkle in the sun! There are beautiful ledges for their gods. As the capital of the Nabataeans, it was a cultural and religious center. This advanced civilization was a leader in the world for over 400 years. Travel back in time and discover what it meant to be Nabataean. Who were the people who inhabited this city?

From many ancient discoveries, we can assume that the people who lived here were affluent and prosperous. The surrounding areas speak of the time that vineyards flourished. Ancient grape presses have been found in the surrounding valley. This magnificent city is nestled in the Shera Mountains. This was an important crossroads for traders from Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Phoenicia. This is an amazing journey! It is an adventure into an ancient time. Back your bags and make this the year that you make the journey. Travel with us to Jordan, for the journey of a life-time.

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