Travel the World Recipes ~ Traditional Schnitzel in Dusseldorf Germany


Traditional German Schnitzel

Traditional Schnitzel is a very thin boneless cutlet of pork, that is breaded and pan fried to a crispy golden brown.  Originating in Austria, it is popular in many countries using either veal, mutton, chicken, beef or traditional pork.


Traditional German Schnitzel


5        boneless pork chops (roughly ½ inch thick)

1         cup flour

3         eggs lightly beaten

1         teaspoon salt and pepper

1         cup plain unseasoned breadcrumbs

1/4     cup vegetable oil




Pound the meat thin on a wooden board  to ⅛ inch thick

Roll the meat in the flour and shake off any excess

Dip the meat in the beaten eggs and moisten entirely

Place the meat on a plate and lightly salt and ground pepper on both sides

Roll the meat in the breadcrumbs and shake off any excess

Heat vegetable oil


Fry at medium heat for about 15 minutes or until golden brown

~ Place Schnitzel on paper towel to remove excess fat


Schnitzel is traditionally served with Spatzle dumplings, a leafy green salad, fries and your favorite German Beer!

Guten Appetit, Enjoy!


 Traditional Schnitzel in Dusseldorf Germany


 Travel the World Recipes ~ Traditional Schnitzel in Dusseldorf Germany

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