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Treats And Refreshment From Yesterday


                                                         The Many Sodas Of Yesterday

Yesterday may be gone forever, but in the country and the far north, their sodas and treats still live on. These liquid memories from the past are all but gone in most of the world, but in the countryside they are alive and well. Yes, there are more places that we can still find the old classic Coke a Cola in a real glass bottle. And what about the RC Cola? Even the Orange Crush makes an appearance here and there. But what about the other old goodies from childhood?

The Crush was a favorite and there was a time that it was in every corner store. There was not only Orange Crush, but also Strawberry Crush that was so colorful and good. Which Crush do you remember? So many have gone down in soda history.

Remember the Root Beer selection? There was A and W, Dad’s, and Mug’s just as a starter. But don’t forget all the many flavored Root Beers, like Ginger Beer, Abita Root Beer, AJ Stephans Root Beer Soda, Avery Root Beer, Anchor Root Beer, and so many more. Root Beer seemed to be everywhere and there was so many choices. It was almost a Root Beer Celebration at the Corner Store.

Does anyone remember the IBC company with their IBC Root Beer and IBC Cream Soda? What a delightful taste! All these unique tastes and many more have been regulated to the memories of yesterday. But did you know that when you get out of the cities and into the country and the backroads of America that many of the flavors of yesterday are still alive and well? Take a ride to the countryside and discover yesterday’s best!

Where do you find these treats of yesterday? One could almost say that they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. As you wander through small towns in the boondox of almost any state you will see these special shops. They may say Trading Post, General Store, Country Store, or even Corner Store, but they are there for the finding. What a great way to spend the afternoon! It is a perfect Sunday drive. And as you come to these little boondox hubs, get out and walk. It is when you get out of the car, and away from the cities that you discover the little gems left over from yesterday. This is the heritage of America and it is there for the finding.

So the next time, when you have a few hours to spare, gather the kids and the dog and head on out to the mountains. Go past the suburbs which mimic the cities and discover the small towns which may only have a few hundred people. It is here that you will still see children coming for a piece of gum at the General Store, or sitting down for some Moon Pie. It is in these small little Mom and Pop stores that you may discover the flavors of yesterday. So come on out and take the challenge, and discover a cornor of yesterday in your own backyard.

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